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Justin Woltering

Awaken. All answers are within. Unify mind, body, and spirit to live the truth. Tear down lies with simplicity. Sacrifice and Persevere. Express yourself honestly. Break social norms. Stand out. Train. Create. Be the student and the master. Align with your purpose. Love and live your dreams. Extend energy to all living things. Evolve. Motivate.

Who is Justin Woltering?

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Justin Woltering is a top fitness expert, author, and speaker who coaches celebrities, athletes and CEOs to improve their performance and physique.

25+Magazine Covers, 50+ Published Articles in Top Fitness Magazines, Author of Best Selling Muscle Building: Book Bigger Better Faster Now! , 50+ Published Articles on Top Blogs, Author of Mind Muscle Academy: A New Philosophy of Integrated Training



In addition to being one of America’s top fitness experts and coaches – he’s also a speaker on Integrated training as a path to calmness, mental strength, creativity, and success. This passion for east meets west storytelling inspires and brings out the best in everyone from start ups to fortune 500 companies. A passionate leader, Justin is committed to educating people to master their body and find clarity in their thinking and ideas – sparking an intuitive change both mentally and physically.


Fitness Expert/ Cover Model


A battle worn expert, Justin has spent the past decade at the top of the fitness industry. With numerous certifications, magazine covers, and sponsors he has traveled the world living the fitness dream!

However, he also knows how it is to go through hard times and start from the bottom. As the oldest of 8 children from a dysfunctional family, Justin has a true passion for creating fitness products that can transform anyone regardless of income. In 2016 he opened enrollment to the Mind Muscle Academy.





Justin has produced commercial projects for corporations, independent films, and can be found guerllia shooting with his crew for YouTube! Some of his projects include:

RCvT: Robocop vs. Terminator, Muscle&Strength MPP: Mass Performance Program, Dymatize Celebrity Trainer, Commercials, YouTuber