meal plan for 13 year old girl to gain muscle?

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i eat protein bars…they are each 300 calories, 8 grams fat, 32 grams protein, 29 grams carbs…

i wake up at 6am, go to school 7:30, eat lunch 11:36-12:14, eat dinner at 3:30, and am unactive past 6:00pm

can u give me a meal plan based on these times for what to eat and what meals and why to eat it. i want healthy foods that wont cause much fat gain. i also want a workout routine to go along with the food schedule and times that will help with muscle building. i seem 2 gain fat REALLY easily and its all in my lower stomach and i could pass as being pregnant!(but i need to gain weight) no matter what, the fat wont leave and the muscle wont come. i do eat lots of protein but i dont exercise( i also dont have time to in school and am unactive past 6) what machines are really good for muscle building? how can i make my arms more muscular? how can i burn the fat everywhere but gain the muscle? how many calories do i need a day?(i have a slow metabolism btw)
what time should i stop eating?

what foods to eat the most?

how much weight should i gain a week?

how can i not gain fat if it is sooo hard?

what foods have high calories but low fat/carbs/sugar?


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