About the Author:

Whats up guys! I’m Justin Woltering, creator and founder of the Mind Muscle Academy. For the past 13 years I’ve been in the trenches as a fitness entrepreneur who coaches CEOs, to athletes, and average joe’s-  to improve their performance and physique.  

In the past 7 years, I’ve taken my site from a single man blog, to an army of over 5,000 rebel warriors! Leading by example, I’ve broken the rules to land 25+ magazine covers, publish 2 books, 50+ articles, and have had my videos viewed more than 20M times.


I’m also fortunate to speak at corporate events and schools about fitness, nutrition, and mindset. This passion for storytelling inspires- calmness, mental strength, creativity, and success in everyone from start ups to Fortune 500 Companies. I’m committed to educating people to master their body and find clarity in their thinking and ideas– sparking an intuitive change both mentally and physically.

Fitness Expert/ Cover Model

I got tired of all the fitness scams, supplements, and sleazy ads. So I took action and created the Mind Muscle Academy. This Academy is a fitness community, based on honest simple information, that’s created for real people. Over the past decade my programs have helped thousands of people transform their lives, and reach levels of fitness they never dreamed of.

As the oldest of 8 children, who has helped my family through some difficult times I wanted to create a program that can help anyone regardless of income. In 2015 I opened enrollment to the Mind Muscle Academy.


I also have a passion for film and photography, and have produced corporate commercials, independent films, and 300+ YouTube Videos. In addition to 75+ Exclusive Videos inside the Members Section at the Mind Muscle Academy!