Add Muscle and Get Ripped to the Bone!

Hi, I’m Justin Woltering, the  creator of the Mind Muscle Academy. I got tired of the fitness industry’s lies, scams, and bullshit.

So, I took action and created the Mind Muscle Academy. This academy is a fitness system based on simple, honest information that’s created for real people.  Over the past 10 years my program has helped thousands of people build muscle, burn fat, and take their training to the next level.

This isn’t a “shortcut” or get fit quick scheme… Instead, this an entertaining, step by step blueprint, and philosophy, that is guaranteed to get you serious results. While this program isn’t easy, I will help coach and motivate you every step of the way. But ultimately, you have to want it… You have to put in the work to win.

This 12 week program is based on truth, simplicity, and mastery.

See some member transformations:

  • Solid Advice That You Won’t Hear from Most Trainers… This book is incredible! I was one of those skinny guys who thought he ate a lot and trained hard, but it turns out I had no idea what I was doing. If you’re struggling to gain weight, I HIGHLY recommend you check this out. There are no frills, no BS, just good, solid advice that you won’t hear from most trainers or supplement salesmen. I’ve packed on quality, lean muscle, and my lifts have skyrocketed!  

    Mike C.
    Mike C.
  • Taylor Takes 3, 1st Place Wins in His Very First Competition! I was overweight my entire life, and I just couldn’t seem to drop thosed2 last few pounds of flab. With Justin’s advice and training, I’ve gotten six-packed ripped AND gained a few pounds of muscle in the process! It wasn’t a matter of working myself to the bone, either. Bigger, Better, Faster is all about working hard AND smart. As long as I put in consistent effort and followed the diet plan and workout to the letter, I made visible, week-to-week progress. No more waiting just to see if a program is going to work!

    Taylor M.
    Taylor M.
  • At 55 years old, Justin showed me it’s never too late to take control of my health and fitness! I still can’t believe how much progress I’ve made in just eight weeks working with Justin. At our first session, I felt tired, stiff, and weak – just like I’ve always felt when I tried to lift weights! At 55 years old, Justin showed me it’s never too late to take control of my health and fitness! After numerous setbacks including a broken neck, this program was just what I needed to kick myself into high gear and compete in my very first bodybuilding competition!

    Joe O.
    Joe O.
  • This is by far the most effective muscle-building plan available. Justin cuts through all the bullshit and gets right to the point, clearing the most direct path to massive muscle gains. This is by far the most effective muscle-building plan available. This program is the short cut on the road to muscle building success. And if you are overweight like I was, Justin shows you exactly what you need to do in order to lose weight yet put on muscle at the same time. His meal plans were surprisingly very simple to follow and the meals are actually quite tasty. A former fast food junkie, I didn’t think that eating healthy could actually taste good. Justin proved me wrong. His meals combined with his workout plans were exactly what I needed to get my life and my health back on track.

    Bill W.
    Bill W.
  • I am stronger and leaner than I ever thought possible Not only have I lost body fat, but now I am stronger and leaner than I ever thought possible. I could not believe what I was seeing in the mirror. I had no idea that Justin’s training would transform my body the way it has and in such a short time period. The diet plans are easy to follow and the workouts make me feel great. My only regret is that I didn’t start Justin’s training earlier! I definitely will never go back to that body – it can only get better from here.

    Josh O.
    Josh O.
  • I can honestly say this book has changed my entire life. I used to be completely embarrassed of how flabby I was, and I had no confidence around girls or even stronger guys. Implementing Justin’s advice was the one thing that finally helped me put on some mass, and his ideas on mental strength and self-confidence helped me form a whole new self-image. Over the past few months, I’ve built a great (and still growing) physique, gotten a girlfriend, and just started feeling loads better about myself. Every un-fit guy should stop wasting money on supplements and crappy trainers, and start following the advice in this book.

    Wasim A.
    Wasim A.

The Mind Muscle Academy is a tool to lose body fat, increase strength and improve mental toughness! This program has helped more than 5,000 people in over 20 countries.

As members of the Mind Muscle Academy, we focus on building sustainable habits that will make you hard. We do this by not only dialing in your nutrition, and workouts, but also  your confidence and mindset.

I never liked school… In fact I’ve been kicked out of school twice. And I still believe that most schools turn out boring, corny clones who conform and follow the same tired rules.

Not us. Not here.

The Mind Muscle Academy is  an anti-school for those who want to break the rules and build their own legacy.

Here  inside the Mind Muscle Academy: A New Philosophy Of Integrated Training book and 12 week video trainer I personally give you the tools and coaching to make sure you get strong, ripped, and continue to kick ass!

Why settle for average? Get Better Strategies. GROW Faster!  We’ll work together on a step-by-step roadmap that I guarantee will get you results.

Inside this comprehensive book and video trainer you will also find an easy to apply approach to nutrition, complete with meal plans.

The Mind Muscle Academy program is based on 4 Pillars of: Breathing, Awareness, Mental Strength, and Energy. Each of these will help you lay the mental foundation to sculpt a rock solid physique over a Progressive 4 Phase training program.

I’ll show you exactly how to break bad habits, and build momentum for long term success. Diet is crucial and I’ll teach you exactly what to eat, how to prepare your meals, and when is the optimal time to eat them.

This is the exact 12 week program I used to train like an athlete and look like a fitness cover model!

Fitness, magazine cover
justin woltering fitness model

Whats up guys! My name is Justin Woltering, creator and founder of the Mind Muscle Academy, and I’ll be coaching you every step of the way through this course.
For the past 13 years, I’ve been in the trenches as a fitness coach.

Over the past decade, I’ve have taken my site from a simple blog to helping coach thousands of skinny guys worldwide with my “Bigger Better Faster ” program! Leading by example I’ve broken the rules to land 25+ Magazine covers and launch the Mind Muscle Academy: A New Philosophy Of Integrated Training book and online video coaching program.

I’ve spent years building a complete day by day trainer with printable workouts,  exclusive coaching videos, and daily tips to help you build muscle and burn fat! This progressive 4 phase 12 week program is a proven real world guide to look like a fitness model and train like an athlete!


1. Four Universal Laws of the Mind Muscle Academy
2. 12 Week Program and Video Trainer
3. Fat Loss Nutrition
4. Muscle Building Nutrition
5. Cover Model Ab Routine
6. Mental Strength Workouts
7. Mind Muscle Motivation
8. Weak Point Training

The strategies in this program are a real world guide to getting seriously strong and ripped! In this system, I’ve integrated my 4 most effective training programs  to hit every muscle fiber and help you take your physique to it’s highest potential.

Each section plays an important role in the foundation and art of sculpting the body, while training like an athlete,. Let’s take a look at each section in detail:

We’ve broken the Academy down into several sections.



These strategies will improve focus and awareness to increase mental strength. Many guys fail before they even start – These mindset strategies will make sure that you’re not one of them, and give you the confidence to stand out from the crowd!



Inside this step by step guide and video trainer you will also find an easy to apply approach to nutrition, complete with meal plans. EVERYTHING you need need to know about muscle building and fat loss nutrition, including the exact recipes that make healthy meals taste great!



In this section of entertaining and motivational videos, I lay it all on the line with my most raw content!



Inside The Mind Muscle Academy  you’ll find my complete coaching system: 12 week step-by-step workout program, 4 phase video trainer (where I coach you through the technique of each movement), nutrition plans, and more.

The ‘Members Only’ section includes the “Mind Muscle Academy: A New Philosophy of Integrated Training ”  comprehensive book and the original the “Bigger Better Faster” program. In addition to exclusive training, nutrition, and motivational videos. Everything you need to get serious results!