justin woltering fitness model

What does a membership to Justin Woltering’s
Mind Muscle Academy include?

You will receive access to my exclusive day by day 12 Week Video Coaching Program,
Best Selling Books, Private Webinars, Articles, and Motivation!

How to Create a Warrior Mindset

 Covering Model Ab Routines

 Fitness and Nutrition Tips

 Workout Videos, Articles, and Tips

 4 Phase Program to Build Muscle and Burn Fat


Zen Training for Mental Strength

 Improve Awareness and Focus

 Increase Intuition and Authencity

 12 part Integrated 173pg Mind Muscle Academy training guide for a complete transformation of Mind, Body, and Spirit!


from World’s Top Physique Professional

justin woltering fitness model


My cutting-edge fitness program is changing lives all around the world! Due to the high-demand for my training services, I decided to create a Revolutionary Fitness Program that can be used by anyone at anytime, no matter where you live. Come train with me and and I will guide you every step of the way!

This Exclusive Membership Includes:

check  Instructional Training Videos:
      A step-by-step guide for program design, exercise selection, and proper technique.

check  Weekly Written Workouts:
      Your workout is emailed to you every week!technique.

check  Nutritional Videos and Articles:
      Recipes, Diet Tips, and everything you need to get ripped. technique.

check  Motivational Videos:
      Motivational videos and blogs that are sure to keep you focused on your goals. technique.

check  Published Articles and Books:
      Access to many of my fitness books and articles. This high quality written   content has been featured     among the best in the industry. technique.

check  Behind the Scenes Videos:
      Exclusive behind-the-scenes video footage from magazine cover shoots and various film projects. technique.

check  Exclusive Images:
      100?s of never before seen photos. technique.