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Are you a newbie to the weight room, wondering just what the hell you’re supposed to be doing? Or have you already put in some time, and are now wondering what you should do to take your physique and performance to the next level? Either way, you’ll only get real results – and FAST – by following a proper plan!

While there’s certainly a lack of quality trainers in gyms these days, there is a reason people pay good ones to write their training programs and diets. It’s tough to come up with a routine that works! Save yourself the huge amounts of time, research, trial, and error you’d spend if you did things on your own, and pick up these awesome books to guide you to your dream physique.

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Bigger, Better, Faster Now!

Over 200 pages of muscle-building know-how, this book has it all! Training, diet, supplementation, and more, Bigger, Better, Faster Now will give you all the info you need to build the body you want. Want to learn how to set up a custom diet that includes the foods you want? Want to learn how to train for maximum muscle growth in record time? Want to learn which supplements are wastes of money, and which ones will actually help you accomplish your goals? It’s all in the book!

No-BS 12-Week Workout

BBF may be the definitive muscle-building guide, but not everyone has the time to read through page after page of bodybuilding info. If your schedule’s swamped, and you just want a quick how-to for a solid training cycle, the 12-Week Workout Guide will fit the bill perfectly. Follow the simple plan, eat well, and you will gain gobs of muscle and strength in under 3 months!

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Comprehensive Diet Guide

If you’ve already got your training figured out – or if your current diet is just a wreck – you’ll want to take a look at the comprehensive diet guide. While you’ll eventually need some more in-depth knowledge on nutrition, this guide will give you a quality crash-course on how to eat. Whether you want to build muscle, lean up, or just maintain your current level of progress, this bonus book will give you the straightforward plan you need.

Fitness Model Secrets

Ever dreamed of gracing the covers of magazines as a fitness model? Do you want to use an aesthetic physique to take your training business to the next level? If so, then look no further than Fitness Model Secrets! A complement to the bodybuilding info in BBF, this book will lay out the details you need to refine your look, diet for photo shoots, and dial in that stage-ready physique. There’s a lot of crossover between bodybuilding and fitness, but there are a few specific tricks you’ll need to get that coveted model look.

The Ideal Supplement Stack

It’s the most common question I get – what supplements I use, how I stack them, and which ones can build the most muscle. Truth be told, your DIET is the real key to long-term growth and fat loss. That being said, there are definitely a few products that can accelerate your results. On the flipside, there are TONS of junk supplements that will do nothing but lighten your wallet. This book will tell you which ones to buy, how to find the best deals, and how to use them in conjunction with your diet and training plan. <<=== GET BIGGER BETTER FASTER2.0!!!

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