Bigger Better Faster


My muscle building nutrition guide is everything you need to know to get strong and shredded! I’ve poured years of nutrition experience into this fat shedding, muscle growing guide. From nutrient definitions to timing advice and example meal plans, this book is a complete guide to nutrition for bodybuilders. Buy it today and get on your way to getting big and strong!


Chapter 1: The Most Important Piece of the Puzzle
Chapter 2: What Are Your Goals?
Chapter 3: The Basics: Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates
Chapter 4: Every Body’s Different
Chapter 5: The Right Diet for You
Chapter 6: How Much Should You Eat?
Chapter 7: Meal Frequency: Does it Really Matter?
Chapter 8: Tailoring Your Training to Your Diet
Chapter 9: Supplements: Are They Worth the Cost?
Chapter 10: Muscle-Building Meals
Chapter 11: Putting it All Together



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