Bodybuilding Supplements – Do They Work?

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Bodybuilding  Supplements – Should You Spend Your Money on Bodybuilding Supplements!

With the fitness craze in full blast these days, thousands of new trainees are flocking to the gym to try to gain muscle. Unfortunately, everyone wants a magic bullet, that little “secret” that will somehow catapult them into muscle building success. What you must know, before you waste your hard-earned money, is that these bodybuilding pills are nothing but high-priced junk.

This article will explain why you should avoid bodybuilding pills. It will also help you search for certain supplements that can actually make a positive difference for building muscle.

Bodybuilding Pills Are Overpriced Combinations Of Cheap Ingredients

Sometimes bodybuilding pills contain legitimately good ingredients. The problem is that none of them are the magic bullets that they claim to be, and these combinations of common ingredients are priced insanely high!

For instance, most fat burning pills are just caffeine combined with a couple of root extracts that supposedly make it super effective (they don’t). Many supposed “muscle building” pills are just creatine placed into a capsule with some coloring. Creatine is great, but it’s dirt cheap when you just buy the powder. Don’t waste your money!

Nutrition Accounts For 99 Percent Of Your Success

You’ll hear a lot of arbitrary figures thrown around for this one, but the point is that what you eat has an immeasurably larger impact on building muscle than the supplements you can take. That’s why they’re called supplements – they are meant to SUPPLEMENT an already quality nutritional regimen. Again, don’t fall for the hyped up ads for bodybuilding pills.

There Are Only A Few Quality Supplements

Despite the deception of bodybuilding pills, there are still a few quality muscle building products that you can buy to add to your nutrition and training program. These include protein powder, creatine, glutamine, and branched chain amino acids.

Protein powder is basically just powdered food, and it will help you tremendously in getting all your protein in. Creatine helps replenish cellular energy, so that you can train longer and lift more weight. Glutamine aids in muscle recovery and strengthening the immune system. The amino acids help trigger anabolic (muscle building) processes in your body.

You Must Follow A Muscle Building Guide To Make Progress

You can have the best supplementation program in the world, but you will never make ANY muscle building progress if you don’t follow a quality program. Though you could do your own thing and discover what’s right with trial and error, that approach will leave you making inconsistent progress and often frustrating yourself with lack of results.

mind muscle academy, justin woltering

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