Build Huge Arms in 4 Weeks!

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Looking  for a routine to blow those guns up in a hurry? Look no further! We all know how important it is to train legs, chest, shoulders, and back with reckless intensity, but every guy wants to improve the most visible mirror muscles – his arms! These workouts will have you filling out your shirts in 4 weeks flat; no more baggy sleeves!

The Split

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Frequency is the name of the game when you’re trying to improve a week body part, and you need to organize your entire split accordingly. Your arms can really take a beating and be ready for more in days, so we’re going to schedule two arm-focused workouts per week. To allow for adequate rest, you’ll need to consolidate the rest of your week as follows:

Day 1: Arm Workout 1
Day 2: Legs
Day 3: OFF
Day 4: Chest and Shoulders
Day 5: Arm Workout 2
Day 6: OFF
Day 7: Back

Don’t worry, your chest and shoulders won’t shrink without entire days of their own! One workout still leaves plenty of time and energy for one or two bench press variations, an overhead press, and a few different flyes and side raises. By consolidating these parts into one day, you also leave more time for extra arm workouts and adequate rest – the two things you’ll need most to grow those guns!

On the legs and back days, train as you normally would. Squats, deadlifts, leg presses, rows, and pull-ups – the stuff you should be doing year-round. Make sure you keep up the intensity on these days, especially when you train back. Your arms won’t grow if you’re not gaining overall strength and body weight, so don’t think you can afford to dedicate your whole damn week to curls and extensions!

Without further ado, here are your twice-weekly arm workouts for this four-week routine. Always warm up with 50 – 100 easy reps of very light curls and extensions before you get started. You don’t want to fatigue your arms before the real work gets under way, but you do need to get plenty of blood into the muscles before you handle heavy weights.

Week 1

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Arm Workout 1
Super-set cable push-downs and cable curls: 3x 20 for each exercise
Dips: As many sets as it takes to get 50 total reps with your body weight
EZ Bar cheat curls: 3 x 10, and make sure your biceps do most of the work!
Super-set hammer curls and overhead dumbbell extensions: 3 x 15 for each exercise

Arm Workout 2
Incline dumbbell curls: 1 rest-pause set for 20 – 30 total reps. Use strict form!
Rope push-downs: 1 rest-pause set for 30 – 40 total reps.
Super-set EZ bar skull crushers with EZ bar close-grip curls. Do 3 work sets, use the same weight for each exercise, and aim to hit failure between 10 and 20 reps.
Reverse barbell curls: 3 sets of 12. Cock your wrists back at the top of each rep to make your forearms do the work.
Diamond push-ups: 3 sets to failure

Week 2

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Arm Workout 1
Dips: 3 sets of 8, add extra weight if necessary
Alternating dumbbell curls: 3 sets of 10.
Super-set machine preacher curls with V-bar push-downs: 4 sets of 20.
Super-set hammer curls with overhead dumbbell extensions: 3 sets of 12.

Arm Workout 2
Incline skull crushers: 2 sets to failure with the same weight. Aim for 12-15 reps for the first set, as many as you can get for the second set.
Preacher EZ bar curls: same protocol as the incline skull crushers.
Super-set rope push-downs and rope hammer curls: 3 sets of 20.
Super-set close-grip machine presses with machine curls: 4 sets of 10.

Week 3

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Arm Workout 1
Close-grip bench press: 5 sets of 5, try to use the same weight for all sets.
Close-grip chin-ups: 5 sets with your body weight, stopping a rep before failure on each set.
Super-set V-bar push-downs and dumbbell curls: 5 sets of 15.

Arm Workout 2
Pin-press in the power rack: set up so you have about a 12” range of motion, use a close grip, and come to dead stop between reps. Do 5 sets of 5, and try to use the same weight for all sets.
Incline curls: 3 sets to failure with the same weight; try to hit 15 – 20 reps on the first set.
Super-set rope push-downs and rope hammer curls: 5 sets of 20.

Week 4


Arm Workout 1
Close-grip bench press: 5 sets of 10, try to use the same weight for all sets.
Close-grip chin-ups: 5 sets of 5, try to use the same added weight for all sets.
Super-set rope push-downs with V-bar cable curls: 3 sets of 20.
Super-set skull crushers with incline dumbbell curls: 4 sets of 20.

Arm Workout 2
Dips: Work up to a top set of 5 reps. Rest, reduce the weight by 50%, and do as many reps as you can. Rest, and do a third set with just body weight for as many reps as you can.
EZ bar curl: 1 rest-pause set for 20-30 total reps.
Super-set straight bar push-downs with reverse EZ bar curls: 3 sets of 15
Super-set incline skull crushers with dumbbell curls: 3 sets of 15.

Eat to Grow!

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No matter how pumped your arms feel while you’re training, they’re never going to really grow until you eat and rest. Like every other body part, your arms will only grow if you’re gaining strength and muscular body weight, so get plenty of clean food and sleep. With enough dedication, you’ll be amazed at how fast you can progress in just 4 weeks!

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