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Justin  Woltering, a respected fitness expert, model, and actor has now tried his luck at writing. The newly distinguished author has written an ebook, Bigger Better Faster Now, which claims to be the “ultimate” bodybuilding ebook. With five certifications and a life long commitment to fitness, Justin is sure to stay on the cutting edge of the fitness world – which is why is newly released product is creating a buzz.

Because of Justin’s amazing success in getting and staying fit, he is now one of the world’s most sought after fitness models. He has been featured on magazines such as Men’s Exercise, Men’s Fitness, Muscle and Fitness,  Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness, Exercise for Men Only, and several international magazines. Justin has recently landed the cover of the 2011 Icon Men calendar and Olympia’s News, Italy’s #1 bodybuilding magazine.

Because of Justin’s knowledge and success in the bodybuilding niche, he decided to dedicate years of his life creating the ultimate muscle-building program, Bigger Better Faster Now. In it, Justin reveals all of his muscle-building secrets to help skinny guys gain serious muscle mass. The ebook coupled with the free lifetime membership is already helping guys gain weight and muscle. Anyone serious about taking the next step in building muscle should definitely check out Justin’s product, Bigger Better Faster Now.

The same techniques he reveals in the bodybuilding ebook, are the exact same he uses on his clientele and for himself. Obviously there is no shortage of credibility from Justin as his muscular physique and gorgeous face are seen everywhere, from magazines to fitness and modeling websites to bodybuilding competitions. This guy knows his stuff and if you are going to learn from anyone the right way to build muscle, learn from Justin.

To learn more about Justin’s product please visit the Bigger Better Faster Now website or get the complete program inside the Mind Muscle Academy below:

mind muscle academy, justin woltering

Written by Ezine author: Shaye Michaels

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