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Do you struggle to find time to hit the gym? Are you still a little self-conscious about exercising around other people? While it is true that nothing beats a well-equipped gym, you can certainly get a great, full-body workout in at home. Here is a quick, simple, and effective routine that can keep you in shape when you don’t have time to make an extra trip out of the house.

1. Squats

Whether you’re lifting heavy iron at the gym or strength training at home, nothing beats a good set of squats for muscle building, fat loss, and general health. Since you won’t have a barbell or weights with you, you’ll need to rely on your own bodyweight for resistance. Squat deep and keep good form, and do 3 sets of as many reps as you can possibly get. If you’re pretty strong, these sets are going to be long and taxing on your cardio system, but that’s okay! If bodyweight squats are just too easy, you can elevate one foot behind you and do a kind of one-legged squat-lunge hybrid.

2. Push-ups

Another simple but effective movement for strength training at home, push-ups are great for developing your chest, shoulders, and triceps. Start by dropping down into a normal push-up position and banging out as many reps as you can for 3 sets. Once you’re strong enough to get 25 pushups in one set, start elevating your feet to make the movement harder. Keep getting your feet higher and higher every workout as you get stronger.

3. Pull-ups (or rows)

If you have a pull-up bar or acceptable substitute in your house, use that to do enough sets to equal 50 total pull-ups. If you’re not good enough at the movement to do that, or if you don’t have pull-up equipment, do inverted rows. You’ll need to find something relatively low to the ground that allows you to pull your body horizontally.

4. Calf Raises

The only muscle you haven’t really stimulated so far in this routine is your calves. Find something to slightly elevate the front of your feet (a stair works fine), and do 100 total reps of calf raises. You’re not using much weight, so try and feel a deep burn!

5. Cardio

You don’t have the gym’s treadmills to use today, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do cardio! If you’re short on time and are in decent cardiovascular shape, do interval sprints. Sprint for 15 seconds, rest for a minute, and repeat for 5-10 total rounds. It sounds easy, but you’ll really feel it by the end! If you want, you can also just go for a jog or run your stairs when you’re done with the strength training at home.

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mind muscle academy, justin woltering

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